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Welcome to EasyAnc.co.za, an easy online solution for couples that are planning to marry.

Our service model is designed to assist you every step of the way to get your antenuptial contract registered efficiently and cost effectively! We offer an accessible service, from preparation to registration of your antenuptial contract.


Are you aware of the proprietary consequences of marriage and the matrimonial property regimes available to you in South Africa?


EasyAnc.co.za furnishes you with sufficient information to assist you in reaching a well informed decision when choosing your marital regime. Our objective is to provide you with an understanding of the options available to you and to illustrate the effects of these options.


Our professional legal team includes attorneys, notaries public and conveyancers, who are able to offer further advice on other aspects relevant to the legal consequences of marriage, such as estate planning, family trusts and property transfers.


We hope that you will find this site to be helpful and look forward to being a stepping-stone in your “happily ever after”.